About CarContractHire.com

CarContractHire.com is a simple way to access special offers for your next car. Whether you're an individual or a business you can use CarContractHire.com to get hold of a great deal.

With CarContractHire we've got rid of the sometimes lengthy and complex processes for you. We've created these simple 1, 2, 3 steps.

  1. Choose Your Car.
  2. Choose your options.
  3. Order online.

It couldn't be simpler. We only do special offers. When you Choose Your Car you select from the special offers available today.

If you don't see the car you want, simply click on the I Want To Be The First to Know button and we will send you details of the latest offers on the day they arrive.

Choose Your Options means looking at the options available for that car and selecting the ones you want.

Order On line means you complete the application form for the contract for that car. Once you submit this we'll get straight back to you to let you know we’ve received it. Usually within 24 hours we'll let you know whether the contract finance proposal has been agreed.

It's as simple as that. 1, 2, 3.

CarContractHire.com is part of OVL Group Limited established in 1989.

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